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This blog is dedicated to Ashley Tisdale. It'll be sprinkled with random reblogs of things unrelated to her at times, but nothing too crazy! I hope you enjoy your stay. ♡

I am DISGUSTED that people have the NERVE to say that Vanessa “should have learned the first time”. NO. This is NOT. HER. FAULT. and you have NO RIGHT to blame her for this. Much like “America’s Sweetheart” Jennifer Lawrence, her privacy was violated. Do not shame the person who is proud of their body, shame the person that thought it was acceptable to hack into their privacy and share their intimate pictures with the world.

just lost a follower. i haven’t even said anything rude today.

I’m so confused, how does someone getting married “ruin” your childhood. Like, it’s a happy time… it’s not like she killed a man

They were talking about Chris and Ashley’s wedding on the radio 😍😍😍😍