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This blog is dedicated to Ashley Tisdale. It'll be sprinkled with random reblogs of things unrelated to her at times, but nothing too crazy! I hope you enjoy your stay. ♡

SO JUST THROWING IT OUT THERE but I think Ashley & Emily’s “ship” name should be tisment because it sounds like kismet which means fate

thank you ONCE AGAIN for simply just taking my pictures i post and reposting them instead of reblogging!! you could have at least made it not look obvious and add other photos from the shoot but nahhhh you have “your sources” right

Anonymous: I mean where did you find the pics

they were on wireimage[501521345]&ep=1/60/1&s=1

Anonymous: Where is that photo shoot from

Last nights TCAs


You know what sucks? The fact that dogs can’t live forever.

the thought that i only have a few more years with my dog breaks my heart