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This blog is dedicated to Ashley Tisdale. It'll be sprinkled with random reblogs of things unrelated to her at times, but nothing too crazy! I hope you enjoy your stay. ♡
Anonymous: Wouldn't you want to see Ashley in something more intense? I think she has a lot potential but she's not really using it. I'm tired comedies, I'm tired of animated projects, she's doing really good as a producer but I want to see her go more extreme in the acting business.

I would but I’m not going to sit around and whine about her doing the things she likes to do. I care more about seeing her happy. She has a little niece who is very impressionable, I’m sure she likes sharing her animated projects with Mikayla.

Anonymous: Why are you guys saying Vanessa a bad friend when Ashley doesn't support Vanessa all the time and don't lie and say she does and what about Sammy I don't see y'all giving her hate but just Vanessa right

Sammy and Ashley haven’t been close for a long time… and even Sammy went to the Scary Movie 5 premiere for Ashley with Shelley. Vanessa will only go somewhere if it benefits her because she is selfish.


joslynfox replied to your post: new candids pictures on set and with h…

prays to television gods it doesn’t get cancelled like hellcats

prays to television gods it at least gets picked up 


Anonymous: Do you think chrisley will breakup because she'll be busy filming

uhhhhh no… why in the world would they break up because she’s filming…

ALL THESE PICS FROM THE TAPING ARE MAKING ME SO HAPPY!!! i hope the show gets picked up because the cast seems to have a lot of fun and i want to see more pics of them together!!