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This blog is dedicated to Ashley Tisdale. It'll be sprinkled with random reblogs of things unrelated to her at times, but nothing too crazy! I hope you enjoy your stay. ♡
Anonymous: But do you think Chris and ashley will share anything about their wedding?

I do. I think Ashley will. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she posted a series of pics on her tumblr like she’s been doing with Heart + Arrow. I don’t think Chris will really share anything, though.

Anonymous: Yeah I think they're in NYC just to like remember and stuff about the engagement they'll probably get married next week

I hope so! I’m dying to see her dress and really any kind of picture that gets shared with everyone

Anonymous: I bet you anything they're getting married around this time

I’m starting to think so too! I don’t think they’re going to get married in NYC, I think they just wanted to visit where it happened beforehand but I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married within the next two weeks

Anonymous: What's a coincidence about it?

on the 8th it’ll be a year since french proposed to ashley in nyc

i wonder if ashley and chris are going to get married on the anniversary of their engagement because that’s only 2 weeks away - i can’t believe it’s already been a year