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This blog is dedicated to Ashley Tisdale. It'll be sprinkled with random reblogs of things unrelated to her at times, but nothing too crazy! I hope you enjoy your stay. ♡
Anonymous: Hey, girl! I love ur blog so much. I'd like to know ur name :) :) :) xoxo...

Thanks! My name is Tara

Anonymous: What fight between Ashley and Selena are you talking about?

I don’t know of any fight, it’s what an anon said. I just know that Ashley and Selena aren’t close. 

Anonymous: I kinda believe too that Sammy did that but I'm not really sure. But I mean Ashley had a fight with Selena too so I think that is Ashley that did something wrong, that's why I don't completely believe that Sammy did those things.

Honestly, I don’t know what happened between Sammy / Ashley / Selena. I know that there have been rumors about Selena using drugs and maybe Sammy does too but that never has been Ashley’s thing. When Zac was going through everything there wasn’t much of him and Ashley together (that we saw) and now that Zac is clean and sober now we’ve seen him with Ashley. It could all just be a case of when people up they grow apart. Ashley could distance herself from people that have a lifestyle that she doesn’t want to be a part of. 

Anonymous: Abcfamily liked your post!

I SAW! I got a little too excited when I saw

Young & Hungry had over a million viewers last night! Definitely a step in the right direction to help determine if it gets renewed. ABCFAMILY RENEW YOUNG & HUNGRY

taylorbeginagainswift: It's getting cancelled why?

I ever said it was getting cancelled

It didn’t get renewed? :(

Not yet, but it hasn’t been canceled either!